Viva Las Vegas!!

Hi, again!

As promised, here are the (long over-due) pictures from my trip to Las Vegas!! Let me apologize in advanced- my iPhone doesn't like to take great pictures, so the concert photos are kind of horrible. I tried...

Criss Angel Demonstration
My aunt and I went to the Fashion Show mall on the strip to do some shopping, and who do we run into? Criss Angel!! How awesome is that?! So in this demonstration he attempted to walk across a metal balance beam with a 4 foot gap in the middle. The beam was lifted 5 stories- or 50 feet- above the floor. Also, there was no net below him. If that wasn't difficult/ crazy enough, he also duct taped his nose and mouth shut, tied a bag around his head, and attached a rope around his neck. Seriously, who else would do this? He made it across without breaking a sweat. 

There was no magic involved in this demonstration, but it was still amazing- and extremely nerve-wracking!!

Serendipity 3
My dad and I decided to eat at Serendipity next to Caesars Palace. Their food was awesome, and the world famous Frozen Hot Chocolate was phenomenal!!!

Fall Out Boy Concert
My whole reason for this vacation!! I have been obsessed/ in love with FOB for as long as I can remember (probably since "Dance Dance" first started playing on the radio). After they announced they were taking an "indefinite hiatus" I honestly thought I would never have the chance to see them in concert. My amazing dad got us tickets to the sold out show!! I still can't believe I finally saw FOB live in concert :D Thank goodness the venue was so small- we were standing against the back wall (we were kind of late...), but we could still see everything! 

Their stage design and lighting was amazing, and the show was incredible! I've always loved Patrick's voice, but he has gotten so much better since their last album (the band as a whole sounds the best they ever have!). And it doesn't hurt that they are all so attractive, especially in person ;) I love all of their songs, but I have to say my favorite at the moment is "Death Valley."

Caesars Palace is one of the most gorgeous hotels on the strip! 

My aunt found this guy passed out in the bushes on her way to work one morning (at 6:30am!). 

And this guy was passed out under a tree outside Caesars. 


Even though I can't enjoy all that Vegas has to offer (10 more months!), I had an amazing time, and I can't wait to go back!! Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to visit again before the fall semester starts.

Thanks for checking out my blog :) Remember to keep checking back for more updates!



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