Once Upon a Time 30 Day Challenge


I've been kind of obsessed with the ABC show "Once Upon a Time" for awhile now. I watched season one while season two was airing, so I had to wait for season two to be uploaded to Netflix. I started watching season two three days ago- I'm on episode 11. Yeah, like I said, I'm a bit obsessed ;) 

I found this challenge on tumblr and decided to give it a shot!

Let's get started!!

WARNING: If you aren't caught up on season 2, don't read any further!! Tons of spoilers ahead- you have been warned. 

Day 1 (9/21/13): Your favorite male character?

Colin O'Donoghue + guy liner- need I say more? 

I'm only half way through season two, so I'm still not 100% sure he's a total villain (I mean, everyone has some good in them, right?). Either way, he is my favorite male character by far. Hook is so damn sexy- he's sarcastic, flirtatious, and so sassy (and not to mention drop-dead gorgeous!). I always get attached to character like him. The only thing I really hate about him is the fact that he shot Belle to push her over the town line... Still, Hook's my favorite. Don't judge me. 

Also, this is one of my favorite pictures ever:

Day 2 (9/22/13): Your favorite female character?

Ok, so being the total bookworm that I am, I absolutely adore Belle! I like that the writers of OUAT stayed pretty true to Belle's original story, but the twists they added are amazing. Plus, I couldn't picture a more perfect person than Emilie de Ravin for the part. At first, I was thrown off by her Australian accent but it really doesn't bother me anymore- it's kind of grown on me, actually. I still can't believe she lost her memory (Why, Hook?! Why?! Well, we know why, but still...). I really hope something incredible happens and she gets it back- her and Rumple need to be together. Seriously. #Rumbellefeels 

Day 3 (9/23/13): Your least favorite male character?

So, I was going to say I don't like the guy that drove into Storybrooke from Pennsylvania, but I just found out who he really is (OMG!). I picked King George instead. He just makes my skin crawl. He doesn't care about his adopted son, he's always willing to sacrifice anyone/ anything for personal gain, and he burned the Mad Hatter's hat! I mean, what the heck George?! 

Day 4 (9/24/13): Your least favorite female character?

So, initially I thought my least favorite female character was Snow White. That was before I watched episode 21 of season 2. I. Hate. Tamara. I mean, I thought Cora was a terrible and ruthless person- she seems like a sweet little angel compared to Tamara. Tamara has done so many horrible things (and she's only been in a few episodes so far)!! Ugh I hate that she shot Neal, lied to him, tried to lie to Emma, wants to destroy magic and Storybrooke, etc. etc. The list goes on and on. In my opinion, she is one of the nastiest villains of the show. I really want Emma to kick some serious butt when she finds Owen/ Greg and Tamara. 

Day 5 (9/25/13): Your favorite villain?

I didn't even have to think about this question- Rumpelstiltskin is most definitely my favorite villain of the series. The original story of Rumpel (the classic fairy tale) was always one of my favorites, so it's really no surprise I like his character in OUAT. Robert Carlyle is a brilliant actor; he can be really creepy at times, but he knows when to tone it down. How can you not love Rumpel? Like I said with Hook, I'm still not sure he's purely evil- yeah, he likes to switch sides a lot, but ultimately, I think he'll choose good over evil. Maybe. 

Day 6 (9/26/13): Your favorite scene?

It's so hard to choose only one scene! I really like the scene where Emma visits Hook in the hospital after Greg/ Owen/ complete jerk crashed his car. Jennifer and Colin have such insane chemistry- I love that Emma is just as sassy as Hook, especially in this scene. Emma tries so hard to be serious, but Hook just keeps pushing her buttons. She's just as sassy as he is by the end. My favorite quote from the scene: "You look good, I must say. All 'where is Cora' in a demanding voice. Chills." 

Day 7 (9/27/13): Your favorite ship(s)?

I am so excited about this question!!! Been looking forward to it since day one :D I'm a total fangirl, so of course I ship characters- who doesn't?! By now, you probably know who I ship, but in case you don't...

CAPTAIN SWAN (Hook and Emma)

RUMBELLE (Rumple and Belle)

I would go into detail, but I'm pretty sure I would write a novel if I did that. So, I'll just say that I absolutely love Rumple and Belle's relationship- thank goodness he (well, really the Blue Fairy)  found a way to reawaken her! I didn't like her as Lacey. If you follow me on twitter or have read any of my previous answers, you know how in love I am with Hook and Emma. He tries so hard, and she won't give in, but I have a feeling something major will happen on the Jolly Roger. 

I. Can't. Wait. Till. This. Sunday!!!

Day 8 (9/28/13): Your favorite friendships?

I really like Aurora and Mulan's friendship. We haven't seen a lot of their stories (yet), but it's awesome that they can be such close friends even though their both in love with Prince Phillip. Hopefully we will see more of them this season. I'm sure they will be a big part of this season considering they were the ones who found Neal when he fell through the portal. I'm excited to see where that story goes!

Day 9 (9/29/13): Saddest moment?

This is literally the saddest moment of the entire show so far. I think I went through all the stages of grieving... I was shocked, angry, upset, etc. I'd like to say I saw this coming before it happened, but I didn't. I knew Hook would do something horrible to get revenge on Rumple, and I figured it would have something to do with Belle. I still can't believe Belle lost her memories. Even though she did get her memory back, this scene still brings tears to my eyes. 

Day 10 (9/30/13): Funniest moment?

There are a ton of funny moments from season 2, but this one has to be the funniest. Snow and Charming basically scarred their daughter and grandson in a matter of seconds (I'm pretty sure Henry thought they were "sleeping" but whatever). When Emma see them in bed together, her face is absolutely priceless!! I like that they threw in a bit of comic relief since the episodes leading up to this one were intense. You go, OUAT writers! I love how Emma just looks so shocked and says "I'm gonna go make some tacos..." 

Day 11 (10/1/13): Your favorite badass scene?

Snow. Punched. Regina! Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time! Regina totally had it coming to her- she just can't help herself, can she? I know I said I really don't like Snow, but I love that she finally stood up for herself in this episode. Her heart has already been blackened a bit, so why not hit her arch nemesis? Seriously, Regina deserved it. 

Day 12 (10/2/13): Your favorite kiss?

This probably isn't the first kiss most people think of when they read this question. However, it's definitely my favorite. I'm pretty sure this scene brought me to tears. Emma finally accepts the fact that she is a mom, and she breaks the curse all at the same time. She proves that she loves her son and will do anything to protect him- also, I love that the writers put a twist on "true love's kiss." I like that "true love's kiss" doesn't have to be romantic. 

Day 13 (10/3/13): Do you want the Evil Queen to get her happy ending? Why or why not?

Oh this is a tough one. Sometimes, I love Regina and I want her to be happy in the end... But then she goes and does something terrible and I hate her. I feel like she's very misunderstood. She's been through a lot in her life (she is Cora's daughter after all), and she just wants her son back. She's not real great at sharing, is she? Like I said, it's a tough decision, but I think Regina ultimately deserves her happy ending- as long as it doesn't involve killing Emma, Hook, or any of my other favorite characters.
Day 14 (10/4/13): Your favorite OMFG moment (something you didn't expect)?

At first, I didn't know how I felt about the guy from Pennsylvania that crashed his car in Storybrooke. Now I know that I hate him, but that's not really the point. Anyways, I never would have guessed that he was Owen Flynn aka Greg Mendell. I just sat there in shock for about 10 minutes. Honestly, I really didn't see that coming; I should've known, but I had no idea. That's why I love the writers of this show- they can really shock you, but everything makes complete sense. 
Day 15 (10/5/13): Which side are you on?  Good or evil?

Enough said.

Day 16 (10/6/13): Your favorite OUAT outfit?

This dress is gorgeous!! I love it- it's reminiscent of Belle's dress from "Beauty and the Beast," but with a modern twist. The dress is simple yet beautiful and elegant. I wish owned this dress!! 
Day 17 (10/7/13): Your favorite episode of season 1?

Episode 8 "Desperate Souls" is probably my favorite episode from season 1. I haven't rewatched season 1, but I remember loving this episode when I first saw it- I think it's because Rumple's backstory is so interesting (and heartbreaking). If I remember correctly, this is the episode where we find out how Rumple got his power. I'll definitely have to go back and watch season 1 when I have some free time.

Day 18 (10/8/13): Your favorite actor?

At this point, I'm pretty sure it's no surprise that Colin O'Donoghue is my favorite actor from the show. The entire cast is so talented, but Colin is just fantastic. I couldn't picture anyone more perfect for the role of Captain Hook. He's an amazing actor and he's incredibly gorgeous (I mean, look at those eyes!); plus he's Irish! Perfection. 

Day 19 (10/9/13): Your favorite actress?

Lana is the perfect person to play Evil Queen!! She's fierce, menacing, and snarky- Lana is an amazing actress. I haven't seen any of her other work, but I think she's becoming one of my favorite TV actresses.  
Day 20 (10/10/13): Your favorite OUAT quote?

Ok, I tried really hard to find a quote from someone other than Hook, but I just couldn't do it... It's not really important that Hook is the one that said this; I just love the quote. This quote isn't one of those cheesy or irrelevant quotes. You can actually apply this to your life. Just sayin :)
Day 21 (10/11/13): You favorite backstory (of any character)?

Emma and Neal's backstory (in "Tallahassee") was genius!! I always wondered how Emma ended up in jail when she was younger- I know I've said this a lot, but the OUAT writers are just so amazing. Everything makes sense, even though it seems so confusing until all the pieces start to fit together. I definitely ship Captain Swan, but I would kinda like to see where Neal and Emma's relationship goes from here (once she finds out he's not dead...). 

Day 22 (10/12/13): Something you want to see/ find out that hasn't been revealed yet?

I can't wait to see more of Rumple's backstory. We know a little bit about him at this point, but I want to know more about his childhood. I have a ton of questions and I need some answers!! His father was a coward and we know he left Rumple, but I want to know more. Hopefully everything will be cleared up in the next few episodes. 

Day 23 (10/13/13): Any prop you could take from the set?

The story behind Emma's necklace is so beautiful... and heartbreaking. Even after everything Neal did, she still wore the keychain he stole for her when they were a young couple. I would definitely steal this from the OUAT set if I had the chance. 

Day 24 (10/14/13): If you could be anyone from Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest, who would it be?

I would totally be Emma Swan!! I know she's had a really tough past, but she turned out to be such a strong and independent woman (and she don't need no man!). She has two loving parents, an amazing son, and some awesome/ mysterious powers. Plus Emma has a super attractive pirate always flirting with her ;)

Day 25 (10/15/13): Your favorite character entrance?

Mulan is such an awesome character. I always loved the movie as a kid, so it's only natural that I like her in OUAT. She strong, fierce, and a brave warrior. Her entrance was brilliant. 

Day 26 (10/16/13):  A character you would like to see more of?

I'm excited to see more of Tinkerbell. I haven't watched last weeks episode yet (which is a sin, I know...), but I know she's in it. I'm curious to see how her character is portrayed in OUAT- we know she's mischievous and is most likely associated with Peter Pan in some way or another. We will just have to wait and see!! 

Day 27 (10/17/13): Favorite location/ set?

We haven't seen a lot of Neverland yet, but I think it is one of the most interesting sets of any TV show I've watched. There are so many elements that make up Neverland- the forest was super creepy, the oceans were full of vicious mermaids, and there is some really strange magic in the air (remember when Rumple's childhood doll kept popping up even after he lit it on fire?). Spooky. I can't wait to see more of Neverland!!

Day 28 (10/18/13): Storybrooke or Enchanted Forest?

Even though Storybrooke seems like a pretty interesting place to live, the Enchanted Forest seems so much more interesting. I like the characters that live in the Enchanted Forest and don't have a Storybrooke counterpart (like Mulan, Philip, and Aurora). I'm not an outdoorsy kind of girl, but the Enchanted Forest would probably chance that haha. 

Day 29 (10/19/13): Your favorite fairytale?  Do you like the OUAT version?

My all-time favorite fairytale is The Little Mermaid, but since we haven't seen Ariel yet, I'll go with my second favorite- Beauty and the Beast. I like the twist in the OUAT version, and I definitely ship Rumbelle!! The fact that Rumple is Belle's Beast is so awesome. 

Day 30 (10/20/13): What got you interested in "Once Upon a Time?"

I. Cannot. Believe. This. Is. The. Last. Question! Where has the time gone?!

I can't really remember what actually got me hooked on the show. My friend Rachael told me about it, so she's probably the reason for my obsession (and I thank her for that!). I have to admit, the first episode of season 1 wasn't super entertaining, but it was interesting enough to keep my watching. Most pilot episodes aren't that great so I gave the show a chance- thank goodness I did! 


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