Random Tag- Letters of the Alphabet

Hey guys!

It's time for another tag!  I stole this from one of my Facebook friends.

A- Available: Yep
A- Age: 20
A- Annoyance: When I can't beat a level in Candy Crush... Currently stuck on 106

B- Best friend(s): Sammi, Leslie, and Raechel
B- Birthday: April 7, 1993

C- Crush: I have a crush on someone, but he's taken at the moment
C- Car: 2004 white Hyundai Tiburon
C- Candy: Pink and purple SweeTarts

D- Day or night: Night
D- Dream car: Kia Soul (weird, I know, but I love them!)

E- Easiest person to talk to: My mom
E- Eggs: Scrabbled well done

F- Favorite month: November
F- Favorite color(s): Teal/ turquoise
F- Favorite memory: Seeing Fall Out Boy in concert in Las Vegas (June 2013).  We were a bit late getting to the concert, so we missed about 4 songs, but my aunt and I had a blast!  The next time I see them, I really hope I can snag some meet-and-greet passes and front row seats- a girl can dream, right?!

G- Gummy bears or worms: Worms
G- Giver or taker: I'm a giver, which is sometimes my greatest downfall

H- Hair color: Brown to blondish ombre, with a purple/dark brown shadow
H- Height: 5'6" I think
H- Happy: Most of the time

I- Ice cream: Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles
I- Instrument(s): Piano, electric bass, French horn, mellophone, flute, and trumpet

J- Jewelry: Earrings
J- Job: Don't have one at the moment
J- Jail: Nope, and I never plan on going

K- Kids: I'm studying to become a teacher, and I love kids, but I don't want any of my own
K- Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing
K- Kindergarten: Don't really remember much about it... I do remember learning to write my name though.  We put shaving cream on the tables and wrote with our fingers.

L- Longest car ride: Jacksonville, FL to Washington DC with the Fleming Island High School Band (22 hours, I think)

M- Milk flavor: Regular?
M- Most missed person: I miss all of my family members that live in different states, but I really miss my Aunt Marianne
M- Movie: It's a tie between the Harry Potter series and the Pirates of the Caribbean series

N- Number of siblings: One younger brother
N- Number of tattoos: None, but I want a couple
N- Name: Keri Elizabeth Tichenor

O- One wish: To meet Pete, Patrick, Andy, and Jo of Fall Out Boy
O- One phobia: Birds
O- One regret: Not telling a certain person how I felt about them before we left high school

P- Pet peeves: Arrogant people
P- Part of your appearance you like best: My eyes
P- Part of your personality: I'm extremely stubborn and I argue a lot

Q- Quote: "Bow ties are cool"
Q- Quick or slow: Slow

R- Reason to smile: Doctor Who comes back in November, and Fall Out Boy is back together
R- Reality TV show: SYTYCD
R- Reason to cry: Loneliness

S- Song last heard: "Do You Know Who I Think I Am?" by Fall Out Boy
S- Season: Fall
S- Shoe: Toms

T- Time you woke up: 9:30am
T- Time now: 10:59pm
T- Time for bed: 2:00am or later (I'm a night owl)

U- U love someone: I don't think I've ever been in love, but I'm sure it will happen one day
U- Unpredictable: Not really

V- Veggie you hate: All of them, especially broccoli
V- Vacation spot: Anywhere in Florida

W- Worst habit: Biting my finger nails
W- Where are you going to travel next: New York City- I have a list of Broadway shows I've been dying to see (Phantom, Wicked, Jersey Boys, Spider Man, American Idiot, etc.)
W- Weather right now: Kind of warm and muggy

X- X-rays: On my ankle when I thought I broke it- nothing was broken, thank goodness!

Y- Year you were born: 1993
Y- Year it is now: 2013
Y- Yellow: It's not my favorite color

Z- Zoo animal: PENGUINES! When I went to a Texas aquarium, I got to hold a rock hopper, and watch her paint a picture (which is now hanging in my room).  Her name was Marley and she was the cutest penguin :)

Thanks for reading :)  Hopefully I'll talk to you again soon!

Keri <3


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