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It's 4:30 am, I'm bored and can't sleep; so why not write a quick update for the blog? I'm on break right now, so my sleep schedule has been all over the place. Oh well, I'll (hopefully) be able to fix it before the spring semester starts. 

Anyway, how's life going? Hope the holidays went well, and the weather isn't too terrible where you live! We've been getting a lot of rain recently, so I've been feeling a little down. I've been reading a lot though, and that seems to help improve my mood and make the day go by :) 

If you've been keeping up with my "What I'm Reading" post, you'll know that I've finished the first four books in the Pretty Little Liars series. I honestly didn't think that I would like the series as much as I do! They're really easy reads. I'm not too terribly fond of Sara Shepard's writing style, but I have to keep in mind that they are teen fiction books. It's nice to take a break from heavier books (I'm currently reading the Lord of the Rings series as well) and read something simple. I like the plot twists- the majority of them are pretty unpredictable. I can't wait to see where the story goes from here! 

I'm not real great with segues, so let's just jump into the next topic: my trip to Chicago and Milwaukee. My friend Sara and I took a roadtrip to Chicago to hang out with her friend Forest and see Fall Out Boy. The drive was about 9 1/2 hours plus another hour and a half to Wisconsin, but it was totally worth it!!! 

We spent a few hours in Chicago the day before the concert. We did some shopping and saw "Big Hero 6"- which was adorable, by the way! There wasn't much to do in Milwaukee, so we didn't spend much time there. After the concert, we came back to Chicago and stopped by a few comic book/ video game stores before heading home. 

Fall Out Boy was INCREDIBLE (as always!). They only played for about an hour but they sang a ton of songs. They played "I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got was This Stupid Song Written About Me" (yes, that is the actual song title), which is one of my favorites. I was kinda bummed that they didn't play "American Beauty/ American Psycho" but I still love them <3

Speaking of music, here's a list of my recently played bands on Spotify (in case you were wondering): 

Avenged Sevenfold (duh)
Good Charlotte
Fall Out Boy (surprise, surprise)
Five Finger Death Punch
The Damned Things
Robb Zombie
Thirty Seconds to Mars (shocker)
Slip knot
Foo Fighters 
Marilyn Manson

I checked my "year in music" the other day and was not surprised at all to find that all 10 of my top 10 songs are by a7x. Seriously, I have a problem. Obviously, I really like Avenged Sevenfold's self-titled album and "City of Evil."

My Top 10 Songs of 2014
1. "Scream"
2. "Bat Country"
3. "A Little Piece of Heaven"
4. "Afterlife"
5. "Critical Acclaim"
6. "Unholy Confessions"
7. "Beast and the Harlot"
8. "Trashed and Scattered"
9. "Almost Easy"
10. "Unbound [Wild Ride]" 

What else has been going on... I can't think of much else at this point. I've been playing my bass a lot recently. I really want to join a band, but I think I'll have to wait until I move out of Arkansas. There aren't many bands around here in need of a bassist- unless you count country bands. No thank you. Hopefully I can join a rock/ metal/ punk band in the future. How awesome would that be??

I want to teach myself to play guitar, but my acoustic is currently missing the top string (I may or may not have snapped it when I was restringing the guitar a few months back...). As soon as I get a new set of strings, I'm going to start working on chords. Thank goodness I've had years of music theory- it should make things a little bit easier. Hopefully. 

Ok, I think I'll stop rambling now! I love you so much for reading this random post. You're awesome :)

Keri <3


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