This Week in Pictures

Hi again!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile. Not much as been going on recently (classes just started this week...) so I didn't have much to talk about. 

Instead, I've decided to document my week in pictures. I've seen some bloggers do this, and I thought it would be something new and different for this blog. I'm not real great with taking a ton of pictures, but I've pulled some stuff from Instagram and Facebook and complied it all in one place. Hope you enjoy :)

Monday 1/12- First Day of Spring Semester
Yay, homework! I only had one class today (thank goodness). It'll be a lot of work between in-class assignments and observing/ teaching in the schools, but I'm actually really excited about this semester. 

Tuesday 1/13- Pet Sitting
As you probably know, I work for a pet sitting/ dog walking company called That Crazy Dog Lady. I absolutely love my job; I mean, look at Khloe's cute little face!! She even smiles for the camera! It's nice to be able to take a break from everything and just hang out with some sweet dogs for a few hours each week. 

Wednesday 1/14: 
My Aunt Marianne randomly texted me today and asked for some book recommendations. We had an awesome- and totally random- conversation about books, music, and of course, M Shadows. I'm pretty sure we fangirled about Avenged for a solid hour. Yes, he is the most beautiful man on the planet (I mean, he's covered in tattoos and has the most gorgeous smile- what more could you ask for???). 

I love that I can talk to my aunt about anything and everything. She's wonderful and I can't wait to see her later this year. 

Thursday 1/15: More School
Not really sure what to write about for today, so here's a picture of my backpack. I may or may not have a serious obsession with buttons.

Buttons include: various Shakespeare quotes (including one from Hamlet <3), Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Thor, Captain America, Fall Out Boy, and Vengeance University. 

Friday 1/16: T-Shirt Cutting 
My mom bought me an Of Mice & Men t-shirt for Christmas and I decided to cut the sleeves up just to make it look a little bit more awesome. I love the way it turned out!! I just cut some strips on both sleeves, and sinched up the sleeves a bit to make them sit up a little higher on my shoulders. Yes, I did cut it this way so you could see my tattoo. I'm not sorry.

Saturday 1/17: The Imitation Game
Went to the movies with Dad to see "The Imitation Game." I was speechless at the end of the movie- it was so incredibly amazing!! It's nominated for 8 Oscars, and it definitely deserves every single one of those nominations. Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightley did a wonderful job! Hopefully they will win for best actor and best supporting actress.

If you're even slightly interested in British history or WWII, check this movie out (even if you're not a huge fan of war movies/ period films, give it a shot). 

Sunday 1/18: Hail to the King: Deathbat

I spent most of the day trying to beat HTTK: Deathbat without losing a life. Easier said than done- when M Shadows said this game was tough, he wasn't kidding! I made it all the way to "The Wicked End" (the final level) and died in the second half of the final boss fight. Ugh!! So close! I restarted the game and will (hopefully) beat it sometime this week. 

Definitely check this game out if you like RPGs and/ or Avenged Sevenfold. It's pretty awesome! I love that the band voiced their characters; whenever you hit/ kill something, they make super sassy comments. My favorite character is Syn (duh), but M Shadows is definitely the sassiest ("that's one ugly mother f...." and "haha, is that all you got?!" are my personal favorites). 

Thanks for keeping up with my week in pictures!! I know this was so random, but I kinda liked writing this one :) Look out for more posts like this in the near future!

Much love!
Keri <3


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