Avenged Sevenfold Challenge

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If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of challenges and tags. I'm not sure if anybody really pays attention or reads these, but I think they're pretty fun. When I saw this Avenged Sevenfold challenge on Instagram, I knew I had to do it. I mean, come on- it's all about one of my favorite bands!!

Anyways. This was originally meant to be a 30 day photo challenge, but I kinda changed it a bit. I'm just going to answer all the questions right now, in one post. Just because. 

Here we go!
1. First song you ever heard
"Almost Easy" (thanks to Guitar Hero!)

2. Favorite member
Ugh, I hate when people ask me about my favorite member! I love all the guys. But, if I absolutely had to pick, it would be Zacky V. After all, I do have Vengeance tattooed on my collarbone. 

3. Favorite song from "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet"
"Warmness on the Soul" (Syn is one hell of a pianist!! It's not fair...)

4. Favorite song from "Waking the Fallen"
"Radiant Eclipse" 

5. Favorite song from "City of Evil"
"Trashed and Scattered"

6. Favorite song from the self-titled album
"Scream" and "A Little Piece of Heaven" (I refuse to choose between the two!)

7. Favorite song from "Diamonds in the Rough"
"Girl I Know"

8. Favorite song from "Nightmare"

9. Favorite song from "Hail to the King"

10. A song that makes you happy
"Bat Country" (I love the music video, and Shadows' voice is perfect on this song)

11. A song that makes you sad
"So Far Away" (I love it, but I absolutely lose it every time I hear this song)

12. Favorite picture(s) of M Shadows

(I miss his lip ring... Like, a lot)

13. Favorite picture(s) of Synyster Gates

(How can he look so sexy yet so adorable at the same time?!)

14. Favorite picture(s) of Zacky Vengeance

(Can we bring the snakebites back, please and thank you?)

15. Favorite picture(s) of Johnny Christ

(Bassists are sexy- just sayin)

16. Favorite picture(s) of The Rev

(Jimmy was definitely one of the most talented musicians I've ever heard)

17. Favorite picture(s) of Arin Ilejay

(God, I love this kid's hair!!)

18. When did you become an Avenged Sevenfold fan?
I don't remember exactly when I started listening to them. I think it was sometime in December 2013? I was in the car with my brother and he said "oh, I bet you'll like this band- do you know who Avenged is?" We listened to HTTK, and they instantly became one of my new favorites. They're the ones that got me into metal. 

19. Avenged Sevenfold merch you own
- HTTK: Deathbat t-shirt, signed lithograph, and phone case
- 4 or 5 shirts from Hot Topic
- Vengeance University necklace and pins 
- Waking the Fallen: Ressurected Deathbat flag
- Live in LBC/ Diamonds in the Rough 
- WTF: Ressurected CD
- All Excess DVD

20. Number of concerts you've attended 
Zero... But hopefully that'll change when they start touring again!

21. Favorite lyrics 
Oh man, this is a really tough one!! I have a ton of favorite lyrics, but I really like one of the lines in "Welcome to the Family":

I know the way you've been living: life so reckless, tragedy endless. Welcome to the family.

22. Favorite music video(s)
"Nightmare" (a shirtless M Shadows is the best M Shadows)

"A Little Piece of Heaven"

"Bat Country"

23. Favorite album
"Waking the Fallen"

24. Number of posters on your wall
None... If only they were easier to find. But I do have a Deathbat flag over my bed. 

25. An Avenged Sevenfold song that means the most to you

26. Number of Avenged Sevenfold songs on your phone

27. One Avenged Sevenfold song you could listen to forever
All of them. 
I think my most played a7x song last year was "Scream," so we'll go with that one. 

28. Last Avenged Sevenfold song you listened to
"I Won't See You Tonight Part 2"

29. Favorite song by another band featuring a member of a7x
"The River" by Good Charlotte (feat. M Shadows and Synyster Gates)

30. Favorite group picture of a7x
(Sorry the quality kinda sucks... But this is by far my favorite picture of the guys)

(Also, Syn needs to bring the long hair and eyeliner back)

Thanks for putting up with my band obsessions. Check back soon for more randomness!

Keri <3


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