Random Tag (again)

Hello there!

I need to take a break from my online classes, so I figured I would steal a random tag from one of my Facebook friends.  Enjoy!

Available- No
Age- 22
Annoyance- Loud noises when I'm trying to concentrate, country music, crying babies

Best friend(s)- Sammi, Rachael, Raechel, Corey, Haydon, Whitney, my mom, Allishia
Birthday- 4/7/1993

Crush- Does my boyfriend count??
Car- Red Ford Focus hatchback
Candy- Smarties

Day or night?- Night
Dream car- Ford Mustang

Easiest person to talk to- My mom or Corey
Eggs- Scrambled well-done

Favorite month- May
Favorite color(s)- Black, red, blue, orange
Favorite memory- Either the Fall Out Boy concert in 2013, or the 30 Seconds to Mars concert in 2014

Gummy bears or worms- Worms!
Giver or taker- I'd like to think I'm a giver

Hair color- Light brown with blond ombre and a purple shadow
Height- 5'5"
Happy- Most of the time, yes

Ice cream- Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles
Instrument- Piano, bass guitar, electric guitar, French horn, mellophone, trumpet, and flute

Jewelry- Rocketboy necklace, "Loki's Army" ring, and two rubber bracelets (Save Rock and Roll- FOB, and Shannon Leto's Coffee Club)
Job- Student
Jail- No, thank goodness

Kids- I love other people's children (I'm studying education), but I really don't want any
Kickboxing or karate- Kickboxing
Kindergarten- I could never teach kindergarten

Longest car ride- Fayetteville, AR to Orlando, FL (18 hours)

Milk flavor- Regular 1% milk please
Most missed person- Corey, my best friends in Florida, my grandparents
Movie- This is tough... Probably the Pirates of the Caribbean series and any Marvel movie

Number of siblings- One younger brother
Number of tattoos- 8
Name- Keri Elizabeth Tichenor

One wish- To move to California and teach special education in an elementary school
One phobia- Birds
One regret- Not going on the Eye when I was in London

Pet peeves- Lots of things irritate me, but I'm getting better about it
Part of your appearance you like best?- Probably my hair and my tattoos
Part of your personality?- I'm pretty much up for anything as long as I'm around people I care about

Quote- "I fell apart, but got back up again."
Quick or slow- It kinda depends on the situation

Reason to smile- I have the best family, friends, and boyfriend a girl could ever ask for!
Reality TV show- American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race
Reason to cry- Stress, losing someone

Song last heard- "Mama Said Knock You Out" by 5FDP
Season- Summer
Shoe- Flip flops

Time you woke up- 10am
Time now- 12:31am
Time for bed- In a few more hours

U love someone?- My friends and family
Unpredictable?- Not really; I'm a pretty predictable person
Underwear- Yes?

Vegetable you hate- All of them
Vacation spot- Florida and California

Worst habits- Chewing my nails...
Where are you going to travel next?- To southern Cali this August
Weather right now- I think it's raining

X-Rays- One on my ankle when I thought I tore a ligament

Year you were born- 1993
Year it is now- 2015
Yellow- Not my favorite color

Zoo animal- Penguin!!

Thanks for reading!  I'll talk to you soon :)

Keri <3


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