Making Progress- Workout Update

Hey there friend :)

I don't tend to post a lot of fitness related stuff on here because (let's face it) I'm not the healthiest person. It's hard for me to stick to one workout routine day in and day out; I get bored really easily when it comes to getting active. I tend to do better with the 30 day challenges, or the monthly workout programs just because I like to keep things interesting. 

Recently I found the Sit-Ups Pro app (by Fitness 22) and decided to give it a try. Here's a picture in case you want to check it out:
The same company also made the 5K Runner and the Seven Minutes apps (I may make seperate posts dedicated to those guys). 

(Yes, that is a picture of Synyster Gates. Don't judge me, okay?)

I'm pretty sure this is a free app, but I don't remember for sure. If it's not free, I'm assuming it's cheap. I wouldn't have bought it if it's more than $4.99!

So, back to the whole point of this post- this app is INCREDIBLY AWESOME! Essentially, it helps you go from doing 15 sit-ups to 200 sit-ups in one session. I'm currently on the Week 2/ Day 1 workout (29 sit-ups). You are supposed to do 3 workouts per week, so you have a rest day every other day. Honestly, since I'm only using this app right now, I do a workout once a day. 

Disclaimer: As long as you're safe and you know what your body can handle, I say go for it. Obviously, I'm not a doctor/ personal trainer, so do what's right for you!!

I think this is a quick, easy, and fun way to start getting back into a fitness routine (or you can add this to your existing routine to burn extra calories/ get in better shape). I'm going to start the 5K Runner soon, and continue this routine in addition to that. I can really feel a (good) burn in my (nonexistent) abs after doing a bunch of sit-ups!! Obviously, I haven't lost any weight/ gained definition yet, but I'll let you know how it goes :) So far, so good!!

Just a quick little break down of the app:
I love that it gives you checkmarks when you complete a workout (I'm a very visual person). The app leads you through the workout with visual and auditory cues; for example, it gives you a timer on screen and tells you when you're 30 seconds of rest time are up. It also tells you how many sit-ups to do. There is also a timer for the pre- and post-workout stretches. I wish the app had some stretches for you to do... That's the only downside I've found so far. But there are plenty of visors on YouTube and diagrams on Pinterest. Just search "stretches" or "yoga poses" and you'll find some pretty cool stuff. 

Like I said, I think this app is a cool way to get back into a workout routine. It's something quick and easy to do each day (or every other day) so you don't have an excuse not to do it! 

Thanks for checking on my blog! I hope something in this post was helpful :) Good luck on your workout/ fitness journey- I wish you all the best!!

Talk to you soon,
Keri <3


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