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Hi :)

I haven't made a blog post about this yet, but I'm currently in the process of stretching my ears.  I'm at a 12 gauge right now, and my goal size is a 00.  Obviously, this is a slow process; I won't be at 00g until March or so of next year.  Body Candy is having a HUGE sale (Almost Free Body Jewelry Sale) right now, and everything is really cheap.  Instead of waiting, I decided to pick up some plugs and tunnels while they were on sale.  If you have snapchat, they have a special promo code for their followers!  Check them out to save some extra money.

**This is not a sponsored post, I just really like Body Candy!  They have an awesome selection of jewelry for all your piercing needs :)

**Also, I have to apologize for the pictures... Some of them are kind of blurry, but I'll link everything so you can look at the pictures on the website!

One last thing; all of these plugs are listed individually, meaning you have to order two to have a set.  The only exception is the black acrylic plug set.  The website mentions which items come in pairs and which are sold individually.

Ok, let's get into the haul!

I just wanted to mention that I absolutely love the fact that they included some little cinch bags with my order.  I need to think of how I'm going to store my ever-growing collection, but this is a good option for now!

00 Gauge Wood Scroll Dangle Plug Created with Swarovski Crystals
Product- HC-5408
Retail price- $31.99
Sale price- $4.10

00 Gauge Aqua Rose Skull Crossbones Dangle Plug
Product- 44569
Retail price- $29.99
Sale price- $2.60

0 Gauge Black Acrylic Fuchsia Galaxy Faceted Saddle Plug Set 
Product- 58717
Retail price- $24.99
Sale price- $0.90

00 Gauge Double Pink Imitation Opal Dangle Plug
Product- 55653
Retail price- $27.99
Sale price- $1.62

2 Gauge Black Gem Night Belongs to the Bat Steel Plug
Product- 54952
Retail price- $29.99
Sale price- $3.54

00 Gauge Natural Opalite Blooming Flower Stone Saddle Plug 
Product- 44770
Retail price- $27.99
Sale price- $1.66

 00 Gauge Aqua Glitter Festive Owl Single Flare Steel Plug
Product- 53824
Retail price- $28.99
Sale price- $2.50

0 Gauge Aurora Ferido Crystal Steel Screw Fit Plug
Product- 46462
Retail price- $31.99
Sale price- $3.86

00 Gauge Turquoise Natural Stone Saddle Plug
Product- 32186
Retail price- $22.99
Sale price- $2.58

00 Gauge Zircon Blue Ferido Crystal Steel Screw Fit Plug
Product- 46469
Retail sale- $32.99
Sale price- $4.40

Thanks for reading about all the shiny things I bought :)  I hope you're having a wonderful day, and I'll talk to you very soon.

Keri <3


  1. Hi Keri! I loved your blog post! I am the marketing director here at and wanted to reach out and see if you'd be interested in doing a sponsored review. If so, please email with a link to your blog, the piercings you have & sizes you wear and I can send some jewelry along for you to blog about :) Thank you for your time.

    -Nicole Szymanski

    1. Hi Nicole!! Thank you for your interest in my blog :) I just sent an email your way with all the info!


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