February 26, 2013

Foster Puppies!

My family and I have been volunteering with a local animal shelter called Let Love In Animal Rescue (you can check out their website, or like their page on Facebook). My mom recently rescued two more dogs- a very pregnant dog, and an underweight mother with her babies. A local woman had rescued the dogs, but was unable to provide the proper care for them, so Let Love In brought them back to Fayetteville. My mom brought Juliet (the pregnant mother) and Annie (the underweight mother) home, while the rescue adopted out Annie’s 8-week old puppies.

Annie is one of, if not the sweetest dogs I've ever met! She's only about a year old, so she loves to play with our other dogs, big and small (she loves Spooky and Charlee most of all, but likes Howie and Abbie too!). We're not quite sure what she is mixed with, but Let Love In has her listed as a Border Collie, Boxer mix.  My brother wanted to adopt Annie, but we can’t really take another dog into the house, considering we already have four.  But he knows she’ll get a good home :)

Such a cute face!

Annie is one-of-a-kind

Juliet is a purebred lab, and is probably about a year to two years old.  We had her for about three or four days before she had her puppies. Finally, at 2am one Saturday night, she went into labor. Juliet had 6 puppies that night (the first was born at 2am and the last was born at 6am). Later that day- now Sunday- we found 3 more puppies in the bed!! She had 9 fat and healthy puppies! Because their mom’s name is Juliet, we decided to name her babies after some of Shakespeare’s most famous characters.

Juliet in labor
Juliet and her 9 puppies

Juliet's puppies (1 week)










We probably shouldn't pick favorites... but we did (even though we love them all equally)!  Drew's favorite is Iris, mine is Hamlet, and my mom's is Horatio.  Dad doesn't really have a favorite puppy, but we know he loves them all, even though he denies it. 

Stay tuned- I'll try to post updates each week of the puppies!

If you live in the NWA area and would like to look into the shelter- whether you want to adopt or donate- visit the website for more information.

Thanks for reading!


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