March 5, 2013

Shakespeare Litter- 3 Weeks Old

Time for another update on the foster puppies!! They're all getting so big! Each puppy definitely has their own personality and attitude. Brutus, Beatrice, Othello, Horatio, and Portia are all pretty laid back (and kind of lazy), Romeo is the cry baby of the bunch, and Iris, Ophelia, and Hamlet are the most playful. All of them are so sweet and loving- as soon as someone walks into the room, all their little heads turn and they run over to greet you :) It's adorable! They are all teething right now... they like to bite toes for some reason. Puppy teeth are seriously razor-sharp.
Anyway, we haven't weighed them recently, but Romeo is still the biggest of the litter, and Horatio is still the smallest. They're all happy and healthy, but Juliet has decided to stop feeding them... We will most likely have to start bottle feeding or making some baby rice/ cereal to supplement them until they can eat solid food. Usually the mom will feed them until they can eat solid food, but Juliet doesn't sit still long enough for all of them to nurse; we can't blame her for that since she is so young and playful herself. She loves the puppies and is a great mom, though.
Good news!! Beatrice, Portia, and Othello are already adopted! We were all surprised they got adopted so fast; it definitely shows that the people adopting them are good pet owners, if their willing to wait about 5 more weeks to bring home their new babies. Portia and Othello are going to the same home, and Beatrice (now named Tesla or Tes for short) is going to a home with kids, dogs, cats, and a big yard to run around in!
And here are their most recent "mug shots," as Mom calls them.

Beatrice (aka Tes)



Hamlet (we think his right eye is going to stay blue!)




Sleepy Horatio

This is how Beatrice (Tes) sleeps!

Iris was biting Hamlet

Romeo is always the last one to fall asleep

He was laying on my foot for a good 15 minutes

Beatrice, Ophelia, and Othello

Silly Beatrice!

Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for more information, updates, and pictures :)


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