August 9, 2013

Random Pictures of the Animals

Hey there!

So, we basically have a zoo at our house. We have 6 dogs (including 1 foster), 2 guinea pigs, and a bearded dragon. Because we have so many animals, I tend to take a ton of picture while I'm at my parents house. I found some pictures that I thought were really cute/ interesting, and decided to share them on here :) 


Charlee helps me crochet by laying on the piece I'm working on

Bo loves his Kong toy! Sometimes, he sits at the top of the stairs and throws the toy down the staircase (silly puppy!) 

Darcy likes to stare at the guinea pig cage 

Bo and Charlee are buddies now :)

I hope you liked these random pictures of some of our pets! Check back soon for more random goodness haha

Keri <3

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