October 22, 2013

Skin Care Routine

Hey guys!

Today, I was brainstorming and going through new blog ideas when I realized I had never posted a skin care routine blog. I know every beauty guru/ beauty blogger has probably already done a post like this one, but I figured I would give it a shot! I am by no means an expert or a beauty guru- this is just the routine that seems to work best for me :) 

A few things to note- I have combination skin (I have an oilier t-zone but dry around the cheeks), which tends to get a bit more dry in the winter. My skin isn't too sensitive but I try to stay away from harsh products and things that have a ton of perfumes/ dyes/ chemicals. I've been following this particular routine for about two months now, and my skin has gotten a lot clearer.

Now, let's get started!

1. Cleanse

The first thing I do is wipe all the makeup off my face. I like to use the Pond Original Face Wipes, or the Simple Cleansing Face Wipes.  Most days, I only wear mascara, but I make sure to scrub every last bit off before I go to sleep. Also, if I'm feeling kind of lazy- let's face it, some days are just really tough- I'll only do this step. 

I'm trying to wash my face everyday; I do see a difference when I follow this routine each night. Trust me, your skin will thank you later if you take care of it now! After I remove my makeup, I use my Clarisonc Mia2 to cleanse my skin; just for reference, I have the "Sensitive" brush head for the Clarisonic.

I like to change my face wash every once in awhile, but I've been using the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Influsions Smootning Favoal Scrub in the "Yumberry/ Strawberry" scent (whew, that was a mouthful!).  

2. Tone

Toner helps remove any makeup, dirt, and/or oil that you may have missed while cleansing your face. It also restores the pH balance of your skin, so this step is definitely a necessity for me. Not all toners are created equal, but I've found that some of the drug store toners are actually pretty awesome! I've been loving the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Comtrol Triple-Action Toner. It doesn't smell great (the smell doesn't linger for very long, though), but it doesn't burn my skin. I just out a bit of toner on a cotton pad and swipe it across my face. Let your toner dry/ skin in before moving on to your moisturizer. 

Also, you don't have to buy any specific kind of cotton pad- they all work the same. I just happened to be at Ulta and figured I would pick some up while I was there. I normally buy the cheapest brand from Walmart. 

3. Moisturize

A good oisturizer is an essential, in my opinion. Honestly, I couldn't live without moisturizer- especially in the winter! I've been using the L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum Concentrate and the Youth Code Texture Perfector Day/ Night Cream. They're a bit on the pricier side for drugstore moisturizers, but I think they're worth the splurge. I've seen a huge improvement in my skin since I started using these! Obviously, these are both marketed towards more mature skin, but I'm using these more for prevention. It's easier to prevent premature aging/ wrinkles than trying to make them disappear later on, right? 


I hoped this helped! I'll talk to you all again very soon :) Until next time!

Keri <3
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