October 22, 2016

Sailor Mars and a Sugar Skull (Tattoo #15 and 16)


So, I kinda went on a tattoo streak recently, and I wanted to show you my new babies!!  I don't have a ton to say about these pieces, but I'll write a little paragraph underneath each picture to give you some more info.  Enjoy :)

Eternal Sailor Mars by JC
Hart and Huntington in Orlando, FL
This was definitely another one of my impulse, spur-of-the-moment tattoos.  I decided to take a trip to Orlando to see if H&H had any walk-ins available.  Luckily for me, JC was free (check out their website to see his portfolio/ book appointments), and drew up this awesome piece for me!  I think it took about 6 or 7 hours total.  This is the longest session I've ever done on a tattoo, but I'm glad we knocked it out all in one night.  If at all possible, I would much rather sit for a long time instead of breaking a piece up into multiple sessions.

I absolutely love this tattoo!!  It's unlike any of my other pieces, and I love that JC added his own touch to her.  I'm obsessed with the flames <3  This one, for some reason, was a bitch during the healing process.  Honestly, leg tattoos are huge pains anyway; this one took about a month and a half to completely heal.  Sometimes that happens, and it's definitely no one's fault.  My right leg is almost covered, which I'm super happy about!

Sugar Skull by Kristen
Jacksonville, FL
Quick little note- Kristen recently left the shop she used to work in.  Because of this, I'm not going to add the name of the shop (I'm also not sure where she's tattooing at the moment...).

This one took about 6 hours, and again, it was worth every second!  Kristen is a beast when it comes to linework- these are the straightest, cleanest lines I have on my body.  For real, this piece is just gorgeous.  I sent her a picture of a pretty generic sugar skull on top of roses, and this is what she came up with.  Seriously, this has got to be my favorite tattoo!  The colors are so vibrant (and I love the little gold tooth she gave him), and I'm so in love with the traditional style.  The purple shading was a last-minute decision on our part.  My mom's favorite color is purple, so it works out perfectly.  The high-contrast between the teal/ turquoise and the yellow petals is mind-blowing, and the pictures don't do it justice.

I usually don't take pictures when I'm getting tattooed just because I'm never sure if the artist is 100% ok with it. Honestly, I don't think anyone cares, but I don't want to be a distraction! This was the one picture I took before the sugar skull was finished. The purple part was legitametly the worst section of this whole thing. Oh my god, that was tough!! Obviously not unbearable (and I still think my calf tattoo was much, much worse, pain-wise), but unpleasant to say the least. It's pretty close to the bend, meaning the skin is thin and extremely sensitive. Luckily, it was a very small section that didn't take too many passes/ touch ups. Again, calf tattoos are way more brutal, but that spot was pretty tender.

I love all of my tattoos, but I'm just amazed at how beautifully this piece turned out!!

Thanks for checking out my new tattoos :)  I probably won't be getting more any time soon, but my collection will continue to grow in the future!

Keri <3


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