December 8, 2014

Black Friday Haul


There were a number of reasons why I didn't go to the mall this Black Friday. The main reason being I was petsitting for a couple with 18 dogs (yep, 18!). Even though I wasn't able to make it to the stores, I still wanted to take advantage of the awesome deals. Thank goodness for online shopping!!

I managed to get some stuff I've been lusting over for awhile now for pretty cheap. I'm definitely not one to turn down a deal- especially when it comes to buying books, soap, and candles!

After a stressful week of class, I was so happy to come home to this wonderful sight: 

Barnes & Noble
Original price: $26.99
Online price: $20.04
I paid: $20.04 

I've been wanting to buy Death Punch'd for a few months, but I was waiting until I had a decent coupon since it's a bit expensive. As soon as I got the email for 25% off one item I knew I needed to order this book. 

I just finished this today; I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite book. Jeremy has a really dark sense of humor, but I love it. He's open and honest about his past and his faults which makes him so relatable, despite his rockstar status. His writing is incredible, and I absolutely adore him as a person (even though he was a complete man whore in the past). If you love 5FDP or anything dealing with metal music and rockstars, definitely check this book out. 

Original price: $50
Online price: $27.78
I paid: $17.50 (30% off coupon)

As you probably already know, I'm a huge Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire fan. This book has been sold out at my local B&N since it was released (which is weird for Arkansas). I'm so glad I was finally able to get my hands on a copy!! I haven't looked through this one yet, but as soon as classes end, I'm planning on reading it cover to cover. 

Bath & Body Works

Shower gel: $12.50 (free)
Body spray: $14.00
Body scrub: $16.50
Body cream: $12.50 (free)
Body lotion: $12.50 (free)
Candle: $22
VIP bag: $20 (worth $100)

Bath & Body works was having a buy 3 get 3 free sale on everything in the store. Obviously, you have to pay for the 3 most expensive items, but I still ended up getting a good deal on what I bought. 

The "Wild Madagascar Vanilla" is one of my new favorite scents (thank goodness it's a signature scent!). I'm horrible at describing things... It's sweet but not overbearing by any means. I really like it, so I decided to buy the lotion, shower gel, and body spray. 

I meant to buy the "A Thousand Wishes" shower gel since the VIP bag included the lotion and the body spray, but I accidentally ordered the lotion instead. Oh well, I'm not too upset. I'll use it sooner or later. 

I also bought another "Champagne Toast" candle because I burned through my first one in about a week. It's definitely my favorite candle for the holidays. 

The VIP bag this year was $20, but was worth over $100. I'm not a huge fan of wearing the "Winter Cranberry" scent, but I think I'll like it as a soap. I love the "A Thousand Wishes" and the "Forever Red" scents!! Also, the "Holiday Wish" candle is amazing! It smells like apples and holiday spices; I haven't burned it yet, but I think the scent throw will be pretty awesome (like most B&BW candles I've tried). 

Fall Out Boy Webstore
Technically, I placed my FOB order on December 10th when they released their holiday merch, but, I decided to include what I bought in this post just because. Nothing was on sale, so that was a bit disappointing, but I did buy two things.  

Original price: $19.99

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I was able to order this beanie! They only made 500 and I somehow managed to get my hands on one before they completely sold out. I'm not sure when the package is supposed to get here, but hopefully it'll show up soon :)
Original price: $10.00

I recently read Pete Wentz's novel, Gray, and loved it. I figured I would order this book while I was already on the site since I can't find it in my local B&N. I'm pretty sure this book has been out for years, but whatever. I'm excited to read it. 

Thank you for reading!! Hope you scored some awesome Black Friday deals too :)

PS: I may or may not have gotten another tattoo over the weekend. Check back soon for an update on that!

Keri <3


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