December 30, 2015

Jingle VoxBox Unboxing


I just got a late Christmas present in the mail today- the Jingle VoxBox from Influenster!!  I've been waiting on this box for about 2 weeks now, so I was super excited to see it in the mailbox today :)  As with all my other unboxing posts, I'm not going to include reviews or swatches in this post; however, I will do a followup post of my reviews of each of the products in the next few weeks.

In case you're interested, here are some links to my previous VoxBoxes:

Also, here's a timeline just for reference:

December 14: Completed the qualification survey
December 21: Received the confirmation email that I qualified for the box
December 29: Received the box

Enough with the chit-chat, let's check out the box!
DISCLAIMER:  I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from  This is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own, as always!

The Box

So, this box is jam packed full of some awesome products!  I can't wait to test them out and see how everything works/ tastes.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream ($8.99 - $15.99)

"Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is a rich, quickly absorbing, non-greasy cream that provides long-lasting relief for even severely dry skin.  This unique formula attracts water to skin and helps prevent moisture loss."

I've never used anything from this brand before, but I've only heard good things about this cream from beauty bloggers and vloggers.  I'm thankful they sent this in the winter box: my skin has been pretty dry recently, so we'll get to see just how effective this cream is on dry skin.  Hopefully we'll have some awesome results!

Biscoff Cookies (250g $2.99)

"Since 1932, Lotus Biscoff Speculoos have been Europe's favorite cookie with coffee.  Delectably crunchy with a unique taste and flavor, Biscoff is perfect for taking the timeout that you deserve."

I.  Absolutely.  Love.  Biscoff.  Cookies!!!  I'm dead serious when I say these are my favorite cookies of all time!  I'm obsessed with cookie butter, which only makes sense because it's made out of these little godsends.  If you've never tried Biscoff cookies, you're missing out.  Needless to say, these will be gone as soon as I finish this blog post.  Maybe sooner ;)

Ore-Ida Tater Tots Coupon ($3.99)

"Ore-Ida, the inventor of the one-and-only Tater Tot, is looking for you to be part of the next big Tater craze.  Show us your creativity and be part of the #OreIdaTotchos movement!"

I'm not a huge fan of potatoes or tater tots, but my boyfriend is always up for some tater tots with his dinner!  Whenever we decide what product we're going to get with our coupon (which is really generous, btw, because it's a $4.00 value!), we'll review the tater tots for ya.

Hallmark itty bittys (Starting at $6.95)

"Hallmark's itty bittys give them a little something to love.  New characters in time for the holiday season include Star Wars, Barbie, DC Comics, Inside Out, Rainbow Brite, and many more.  Collect them all.  These make great stocking stuffers!  Available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores and"

Ok, this little plushie is adorable!  How cute is little Rapunzel?!  I love the fact that Influenster sent me a Disney character (who happens to be one of my favorite princesses from one of my favorite Disney movies!); they know me so well!  I'm probably going to put this in my classroom and use it as a reward or something for my kids.  Maybe when you have Rapunzel, it's your turn to "gleam and glow"?  Cheesy, I know; but I am in third grade at the moment, and my kids love Disney characters.

NYC City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeliner ($3.99)

"City Proof 24HR Eyeliner is a water proof pencil that is perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.  Just glide on for long lasting 24HR color!"

I received this product in the shade 932 Dark Brown.  I've never tried an NYC eyeliner, but I love 99.9% of their products.  This is one of the cheapest brands at the drugstore, but the products are usually comparable to high end products; this eyeliner (at first glance) reminds me of the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners, which are my favorite liners.  I usually don't wear brown eyeliner, but I'm excited to try this one out.  I love that it's waterproof, so I'm hoping it'll last all day with no issues or smudging happening.

KISS True Volume Lashes ($3.99)

"Made with 100% natural hair, KISS True Volume Lashes blend beautifully with your own lashes.  The Tapered End Technology creates natural-looking ends that resemble real lashes but give eyes that perfect 'vavoom' without looking too made-up."

Although I don't wear false lashes on a regular basis, I have tried KISS lashes before.  I love the look of these lashes- I think they'll add some volume and length to my lashes while still looking pretty natural.  I wear glasses, so I'm not usually into long lashes, but these look pretty doable and shouldn't hit my lenses.  I'll probably wear these on New Year's Eve, just because.  

KISS Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe ($3.99)

"Enjoy wearing false lashes without the irritation!  The KISS Aloe Vera Strip Lash Adhesive is a safe and long-lasting glue with the refreshing scent of aloe."

I've only ever used the Revlon Precision Lash Glue, so I'm excited to try a new lash glue, especially one infused with aloe.  I'm hoping this product won't have an overpowering scent.  I'm also hoping that this glue stays in place and keeps the lashes from sliding around throughout the day.

Pure Ice Nail Polish ($1.97 only at Walmart)

"Pure Ice is for the girl whose got passion for the hottest nail colors and trends.  Offering an array of nail polish colors and effects, from high-pigment creams to shimming iridescent pearls and multidimensional single coat glitters, our shoppers can always play with color!  Pure Ice is proudly made in the USA, without formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP."

I love these polishes!  Seriously, I have about 30 bottles of Pure Ice polish, and I've never tried anything from this brand that I don't like.  These polishes are an awesome value, and they last forever.  I don't think any of the polishes in my collection have dried out or gotten overly clumpy before the expiration date.  I love this color (it's called Bikini) because it's such a nice baby blue cream; I'm thinking it's going to take 2 coats to be completely opaque, but these polishes usually level themselves out and don't go on streaky.

Hope you enjoyed this Jingle VoxBox unboxing!  Thanks again to Influenster for sending me these awesome products to try out.  Check back soon for reviews on each of the products included in the box :)

Keri <3


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