December 25, 2016

🎶 All I Want for Christmas is a Tattoo 🎶

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

So, my mom was awesome and paid for my new tattoo as a Christmas present :) It's pretty self explanatory, but this is kind of a tribute piece to my fur babies, Charlee and Dany, and all of our previous pups who are no longer with us. I'm so glad I was finally able to fill the awkward, narrow gap on my leg. My shin is almost completely covered, which means I really only have to add some fillers and my calf piece and my right leg will be finished!! 

Ok, here are my new paw prints:

I also had Jimmy touch up my little foxes while he was at it. Their ears and eyes are all nice and perfect now :)

Thanks for checking out my new tattoo! I hope you're having a wonderful day, and a great end to your year!!

Keri <3


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