June 23, 2013

Edward Flew the Coop

Hi, again :)

The orphaned baby bird we have been taking care of (Edward) flew back into the wild today. Mom and I went outside to check on him this morning and he was fluttering around and jumping from branch to branch inside his house. We fed him, gave him some water, and let him fly away- we wanted to roost in the tree in our front yard, but he decided to fly into the neighbors' shrub. 

Edward's new home (for now)

Hopefully he'll be okay on his own. I'm sure he will figure out how to find food and water on his own- maybe a nice bird family will show him how to fend for himself. I'm glad he was healthy and able to be released back into the wild so soon!!

Thanks for keeping up with the Edward updates, and reading the blog :) 



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