June 19, 2013

Edward Update


Thought I would type up a quick blog and update you guys on baby Edward. He seems to be doing really well! He's starting to walk around his box (we had to make him a new home since he outgrew his other one already!), and he is almost able to curl his feet around the perch we have him. Edward has an bottomless pit for a stomach- whenever he sees one of us, he throws his head back, squawks, and opens his beak for food. He's definitely healthy and getting stronger each day. Edward is almost completely covered in feathers; and he's getting a lot cuter as he gets older :)

At first, we thought he was a barn swallow, but we looked at pictures online and now we think he is an English sparrow. They almost look like blackbirds, but sparrows have some gray feathers. Whatever type of bird he is, we're glad that he is doing so well. He is about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks old (just an estimation based off some Internet research).

Thanks for reading today's blog! Stay tuned for more updates on Edward. 

Keri :)

PS: I promise I will finish my blog about Vegas ASAP. I had an entire blog written up, but I forgot to save it to my drafts before I closed the app on my phone :( I will definitely have it up before the end of this week!!


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