July 30, 2013

New Foster Dog


My family and I recently took in another foster dog. He's only staying with us for two weeks, but it already feels like he's a member of the family :) We definitely will miss him when he's gone.

Bo (or BoBo as we call him) is a transport dog traveling from Little Rock, AR to Colorado. He was adopted out of the Little Rock Animal Shelter, but needed to be quarantined for 2 weeks before he could travel between states. Basically, he needs a health certificate to travel from state to state, and to obtain that, he needs to be out of a shelter and in a joke for at least 14 days. Since he was so close to us, we picked him up from the shelter. He's getting along really well with all of our dogs, and is such a good boy! He's a German Shepard lab mix and is between 6 months to a year old (although we think he's closer to 6 months). Bo is definitely a lot to handle, but I'm sure he'll calm down a bit as he gets older. He's a sweetheart :)

He's one of a kind, that's for sure!! He'll be on his way to Colorado soon, but for now he's a member of our family. I'm so glad we got to foster him, even though it's for such a short time. 

Check back soon for more random posts about life, dogs, and Doctor Who :) Also, thanks for reading!!

Keri <3