January 7, 2014

Thor Painting


I just did a blog post about my Loki painting, so I figured I should do blog post about the other painting I did over Christmas break. Like I've said a billion times before, I'm a huge Thor fangirl! Naturally, I had to try and do a painting of Thor's helmet after I finished the one of Loki's helmet. 

Here are some pictures I took while I worked on the painting:

I used the gridding thing again, just because it worked out pretty well the last time. 

I modified the sketch a it once it was on the canvas. Gotta love the super smudgy canvas (lefty probs...). 

This time, I decided to outline the helmet first, and fill it in. It was so much easier this way!

This silver paint was really streaky, but it ended up looking ok after a few coats. 

Time for the red. 

I re-outlined the helmet and Thor's name and added one last coat of red paint. 

Again, this is far from perfect, but I like the way it turned out :) I'm definitely hanging this next to my Loki painting ASAP. 

As always, thank you SOOO MUCH for reading!! Talk to you again soon!

Keri <3